Sunday, February 27, 2011

The No Show

I suppose my dating life couldn't be complete without having at least one guy stand me up. Another reason I'm not so big with the online dating scene...

08/2010: The No Show

I was pleasantly surprised when I received a message from Connor* in my inbox. The man was gorgeous, and just as big a goofball as me. Spectacular! We sent a few messages back and forth before finally exchanging numbers, and texted for maybe an hour before actually speaking on the phone. Judging by the length of our phone convos, we were getting along swimmingly. No awkward pauses between topic changes, lots of laughing, I was becoming smitten with the fellow.

Our phone convos continued every day for a couple of weeks, with the occasional text throughout the day. We had tried to get together once, but last minute scheduling issues on both our ends wound up getting in the way of our plans. Shortly after that, though, our conversations became slightly more brief. Texting through out the day became less common. A tiny red flag started to rise ever so slightly in my mind, but I didn't think too much of it. Maybe he was just busy with work?

During what would be one of our last phone conversations, we finally set up a time to meet. We would meet at Mio Sushi in Beaverton after work. I was actually excited to meet this guy. We seemed to click in every way, and I was anxious to see if the chemistry would be the same in person. Connor and I spoke briefly the day before we were scheduled to meet, which wound up being the last time I would speak to him.

I decided I didn't want to bring an extra pair of clothes to work to change into, so I just dressed a bit on the casual/fancy side. "Looking forward to seeing you this evening!" I texted him in the afternoon. No response. The little red flag in my head grew to a more medium sized flag, and rose a little higher on it's flagpole. Again, I didn't think too much of it. At the end of work, I sent another text simply saying "On my way!". Silence in return. My mind started to race on the way to Mio. Was his phone off? Did he forget? Did he change his mind? Nooo he couldn't have changed his mind. We had too much fun in our telephonic adventures! All we did was laugh!

I finally arrived at Mio. I was about 15 minutes early, so I grabbed a table for two outside (since it was freakin gorgeous out), and waited. And waited. Sipped my water, and waited some more. Checked my phone....five minutes had passed. Ugh. I continued to wait. Checked my phone again. Three minutes had passed. My heart started racing. I still had not heard from Connor. Our meeting time came and passed. I waited another ten minutes before making one last, ditch effort. I called Connor's phone, only to go straight to voice mail.

It was official. I was stood up.

Thankfully, I still had my sunglasses on, so the people around me couldn't see the tears welling up in my eyes. Yes, I was starting to cry. Why? BECAUSE I FREAKING GOT STOOD UP. I couldn't stop thinking "How could this happen to me??" However, I was not just going to get up an leave. Oh no. I had planned on having sushi, and dag nabbit I was going to have it with or without this douche bag. I flagged down the waitress and ordered an obscene amount of sushi to go. She, still assuming I was going to be eating this with a second person, was gracious enough to supply me with a second pair of chopsticks. This did not help the situation, but I let it slide. I paid for my meal, grabbed my stuff, and speed walked to my car. Thankfully, the roommates weren't home when I arrived. I went right upstairs, sat on my bed and at my sushi at an extremely unhealthy pace. Shortly after, I let my dogs out, got in my stretchy pants (aka my pj's) and went to bed. I was emotionally drained, and didn't feel like dealing with whatever the world wanted to throw at me for the rest of the evening.

Looking back on it now, I should have nipped it in the bud right when he started calling me less. But, such is life.You live, you learn. Besides, the next time it happened to me (The Blind Date), I just laughed about it. Anyone who stands someone up for a date is just a giant bag of douche. And a coward. Which is probably why they are single to begin with :-)


  1. Or their wife caught them and told them to knock it off. ;)

  2. Hope your dating never gets this bad again... :-)