Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Poem

Courtesy of J-Rock.
Inspired by The Dishwasher Story


So here I am, goin on a date,
to have some fun, to find a mate.

I get in my car, and go downtown.
Forgot my cash, and began to frown.

I need to park, I need to pay,
Now I'm sad, I have to say.

I figured it out, so here I go,
Up to his place, I'm ready to flow.

So he calls his mom, he calls his sis.
He's building a bookcase, now I'm pissed.

I cleaned his pots, I cleaned his pans.
Wore an apron, with soapy hands!

We ate a salad, there was no steak,
And then he made me, clean his plate!

This guy is a tool, he makes me sick,
but here I stay, to watch a flick.

I try to be nice, I plan my escape:
Gee I'm tired, thanks for the date!

I run to my car, I speed away.
A horrible ending, to my day.

Mr. Right, you don't exist.
I'm going to bed, I just got dissed.

Peace Bitches!


Feeling artsy? Want to write a poem about my awesomely bad dates? Maybe I'll have a competition, and the winner will get a free coffee or something. Or I will take THEM on a really bad date.

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